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What do you want to be when you grow up?  As a child, Juliette wanted to be many things: ballerina, princess, Muppet.  So much of our identity is tied up with our job, with what we DO, but while young Juliette seemed to know the kind of roles that she could call a vocation, she grew up and life got in the way.


Was she right as a kid?


In this true-life comedy story, Juliette Burton realises her childhood ambitions. With the assistance of video interviews, guest appearances from the likes of Randy from Sammy J and Randy, an original music score and animation, Juliette reaches out to try her hand at the callings she once thought were hers - artist, farmer, baker, pop star ... she's living the dream … every dream she ever had!


“Full of joy, pain and dreams…humour and pathos…

comic storytelling at its best…a dream of a show.”


PUBLIC REVIEWS (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013)


Join Juliette in this docu-comedy as she explores what growing up really is. Where will the struggles, pressures and feeling she doesn’t belong lead her?  What do they teach her about herself? What do they teach us about us all?  Does growing up have to mean letting go?


This charming storytelling comedy, is a personal journey, full of fun ideas and delightful nostalgia.  It is the debut solo show from Juliette Burton of award winning and critically acclaimed double act Mace and Burton.


Information for schools and community groups:

Juliette’s childhood dreams were forgotten when adulthood intervened.  After near-death from eating disorders, she re-booted her life.


Using comedy and multimedia, she shares her life-story, exploring why people identify themselves by what they do rather than who they are, plus resulting health issues.  The message “you can do anything you set your mind to” permeates.


90-minute performance includes Q&A (curriculum based teacher notes available) on either:

                 Health – mental health, wellbeing, nutrition

                 Arts – writing, researching, developing, performance work


Suitability: grades 5-12, young adults, parents and their children


Artist Biography

Juliette Burton is a comedy writer, presenter and actress. Her debut solo show When I Grow Up received multiple 5 star reviews at Edinburgh Fringe 2013 and was a sold out show at the Gilded Balloon more than once and was listed as one of the Top 10 shows at the Fringe by FringeReview, and a Top 10 show by Chortle.


In 2011 and 2012 she performed as one half of award-winning comedy duo Mace and Burton. Their show Rom Com Con won the Argus Angel Award for excellence and was Top Nominee for the Best Comedy in The Latest Awards at Brighton Fringe 2012, received 4 and 5 star reviews, was in the Top 5 free shows at Edfringe 2012 (The List), in the Top 10 true-life comedies (Chortle) and was Number 4 on Edtwinge.com in 2012.


Juliette has worked on air and in production for the BBC and as a freelance broadcast journalist since 2007 and as a professional actress since 2009. She has studied sitcom writing at Cofilmic in Manchester in 2013, won a bursary to LOCO's Kickstart Your Comedy Career course in 2013 and has studied presenting with Kathryn Wolf. She starred in 17 short films and presented many student and music-related webseries including Cambridge Folk Festival's Folk TV videocasts in 2011. She studied journalism at university and worked at IPC Media, the BBC, Archant Media and Telegraph Media.


And here's what the reviewers say:




‘an overwhelming feeling of hope and positivity runs strong throughout.’

(The Advertiser)


Top Thirty Recommended  Shows, no.6

‘Highly recommended'

'Witty and well-crafted monologues… modest, honest humour at its best'

'A current, relevant and engaging performance which was truly a pleasure to watch.’

(Fringe Review)


'relaxed, humorous, energetic and effervescent… emotionally powerful and uplifting’

(Rip It Up)


‘a show that makes you smile and think’

(Sunday Mail)

"A special show performed by a truly gifted orator ... her audience is with her through every step."



Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Written & performed by Juliette Burton

Music by Frankie Lowe



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2014 Dates


Adelaide Fringe Festival (February - March)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

(March - April)


Available for Australia tour dates April - May 2014


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